The history of NECANA

The NECANA Newsletter began as a one page newsletter written and printed from The Bandiana
Neighbourhood House by the Co-ordinator at that time – Veronica Smith. The audience was the
35 homes of the Bandiana Estate. As there were many Army Spouses from the Wodonga Area
also attending the house the Newsletter was expanded to 2 pages to advertise the programs
being run at the Bandiana Neighbourhood House.

The Committee, who’s President at that time was Liz Elliott was able to source the addresses of
all the Army residences in the Wodonga Area and the coordinator and committee hand delivered
the newsletter to 200 residences each month.

As the neighbourhood house expanded and began to offer more programs the newsletter
expanded as well. The team decided to form a ‘Postie’ group. One of the original members of
this group – Jane Heydon – delivered the magazine and took on the role of the Distribution
coordinator who organizes a team of over 50 volunteers to deliver the magazine to ADF families
in the area. The delivery area now includes Wodonga, Bandiana, Baranduda, the 4 ADF bases,
Albury and Thurgoona. Jane has now retired after 25 years of dedication and support to the
NECANA Association.

The NECANA association has grown from producing a monthly magazine to include programs
such as Pac-a-Picnic, NECANA Coffee Club, Defence Family Fun Day and the Teens in Action
program, as well as one off events and activities.